Many people hear the diagnosis "cancer" is still pronounced the verdict. Cancer is the scourge of our time. Fortunately, today, primary stage of cancer subject to treatment. Modern medicine, quite successfully, to cope with a large number of malignant forms. But among cancers, there are a huge number of incurable cases resulted in death.The world health organization (who) cites the disappointing statistics in the world die each year more than 6 million people suffering from various forms of cancer.Basic hospice patients – sick people who are already outside of conventional hospitals, in view of their incurability. Medicine fights disease, and therefore spent huge sums on recovery and healing the sick. But terminally ill people often remain beyond the attention of the active medical care.Hospices are specialized companies, which conducted a comprehensive and competent medical care to patients suffering from incurable forms of cancer. They also provide care for patients and symptomatic controls. Hospice is a form of attention to cancer patients by modern society. The first hospices were spread in America, Western Europe. And at the moment they are organized in many countries of the world.But the main function of the hospice is to conduct palliative treatment. Palliative care is intensive support, care for patients with a poor diagnosis. This treatment does not seek to delay, and especially to speed up the process of death, not at all. He is entrusted with the function to give the patients the maximum possible comfort and a sense of a full life in the remaining period for them.Also the goal of palliative medicine is to provide psychological, social and, if necessary, and spiritual support to friends and relatives of patients in difficult period, and even after a loss.