Selection of door peephole

Before you buy the peephole, and the selection and installation should be guided by safety conditions and maximum visibility to the work area, taking into account the material the actual front door. Expensive eyes with the highest level of review have an angle of 180 degrees, which allows you to view area up to the carpet under your door. Panoramic viewing angle of cheaper options, is approximately 120 degrees and special advantages neither in efficiency, nor as a survey platform does not.
Today a rather popular video-eyes with built-in camera, connected to computer or laptop-type standard webcam.

If you are going alone to buy and install a peephole, don't forget to consider the thickness of your door. The length of the casing of the eye and its diameter, you can easily choose from a wide selection. Remember that the length of the eye may additionally be adjusted by means of threads on its body.

Traditionally, door viewers are made of plastic and metal, while their optics is glass and polymer (a plastic). Advantages of glass optics is a higher quality image, and resistance to mechanical damage (scratches and dust), and in the absence of turbidity.

Eyes, the best qualities and characteristics, have a metal housing and glass optics, but their cost is higher than the budget models of the spy holes.

Installation in the door

Installing a peephole in the door is with the growth of the landlord. It should be noted on the door of the center, based on the desired height, and outline the awl obtained a mark so the drill bit will not slip. Also, the layout of places to install, glue on a selected portion of the door leaf and striped adhesive masking tapes. Now you can put notches without fear to ruin the door trim.
When drilling in door not formed chips, the layout of the future holes is performed with both sides of the door.

By choosing the diameter of the drill (slightly larger than the diameter of the threaded element of the eye) begin to serverlimit spaced holes on each side of the door, plunging a drill bit half the thickness of the door leaf. Unscrew the peephole and install the outdoor part with an external thread and a part with internal thread on the inside. After the holes are bored, screw in the door peep hole, tighten it by using slots and enjoy safe review stair areas.