In the world of modern technologies children from a very early age begin to learn the computer, spending a lot of time for games and cartoons. Meanwhile, a childhood without books - good stories, funny poems, funny nursery rhymes and jokes. It is important that the child had tactile contact with the book - looking pictures, flipping through the pages. It develops thinking and fine motor skills.
Communication with a book continues at school. Diligent literature teacher struggling to teach pupils to love books. The book is not only a storehouse of knowledge. Books for Teens include a lot of useful information about themselves, particularly about relationships with peers and problems of adolescence.
Well, when after graduating from school, and then College, people continued their way of life, not forgetting to read books. A good book can brighten up a dull evening, to dispel sadness, to calm the nerves. The book improves a person develops thinking and speech, gives the imagination. Reading contributes to the development of visual memory, and also increases the level of erudition. With a well-read person nice and fun to talk to. To it useful to seek advice, because he reads a lot, and thus knows a lot.
If you are faced with the choice of how to spend the evening - watching TV or reading a book, did not hesitate to choose a book. Benefit from it much more. And if you have favorite movies, you can read the books on which they were taken. Often the reading seem more exciting, so the book may seem more interesting film details much more the plot is revealed more fully, and the special effects in the imagination have no borders. It is often said that film and half does not convey the true content of the book. So reading is useful and pleasant pastime.