Design features of stairs

Any structure to be erected, must be designed, this is a separate step with its own price and terms. When building a house with several floors, you can order the design of stairs that you need, specializing in the manufacture of the company or make it yourself that will cost less.
Creating the project yourself, you can save up to 40% of the cost of manufacturing steps.

But the design of any staircase requires engineering calculations – it should be not only durable, but beautiful and comfortable. The strength of the stairs must be very high so that it could withstand a few people standing or walking on it at the same time. Its exterior needs to fit in with the overall exterior and interior spaces, where she will be. In addition, to go up and down on it should be comfortable, ergonomic considerations here are quite strict.

There are General architectural requirements which must be met for inter-floor stairs in the apartment building: it is possible, should be placed as close as possible to the entrance of the house; it should not take too much usable space and should be visible at the entrance to the premises in which located and, ideally, should be turned to this input at least your first flight.

As you can see, to design a ladder – not easy, but it is amenable to automation given the location, the type of stairs, materials used and knowledge of the main dimensions. These sizes refer to the height between the floor of the lower and upper floors, the number and length of marches. This is already enough to design a staircase with the help of online programs that you can find on the Internet. Below you can see the most popular of these software products, which are successfully used not only professional designers but also for ordinary users.

Program for the design of stairs

German development – specialized programs Compass Staircase-Software Programs 9 and ND Compass is intended for design of wooden stairs on a frame of the same material. The second version is translated into Russian language and allows you to design a variety of options, including stairs, with several complimentary steps or volutes.

The Swedish developers have to design the stairs by using the program Consultec Staircon 5.6. System requirements for installation minimum:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, it is possible to switch to Russian language. In this product the possibility of designing staircases not only of wood but also other composite materials, supplied by the Swedish company Consultec. In it you will also be able to calculate and then how much it will cost you stairs, and to order its production in all manufacturing centers, which uses CNC (computer numerical device).

In French the development of StairDesigner you can also preview the finished project in a two-dimensional and three-dimensional form. You can design stair design for villas, private houses or industrial premises with the use of a broader set of structural elements: stairs, railings and support columns of different shapes of stringers, the stringers, etc. you also Have the option of choosing the material, not only wood, but also marble, metal and different textures for them. In this program, you can design the propulsion, screw, spiral, and other types of ladders, steps to create custom shapes with curves imported from vector exchange format *.dfx which works with AutoCAD. Ready project you can also convert into vector format and transfer it to AutoCAD for manufacturing drawings and schemes of the premises.

The most popular developments concerns and paid program StairCon running Windows. It is a powerful package, which includes not only a variety of design solutions, but also the calculation of the estimated cost of the project using different materials, three-dimensional visualization and the ability to manufacture the ladder on the CNC machines.
The cost of professional software that includes many additional features can be about 2 thousand dollars.

In the case where you do not want to install on your home computer and expensive software, which will not be used constantly, it makes sense to do the design of the staircase directly to the Internet, on the free online services. This, for example, the famous Russian site that allows you to create the staircase of your dreams in 4 simple steps. Select the type of stairs, its geometry, the required dimensions and get the finished project. On the website you can construct a ladder of wood, and – get everything you need to design the size: of the opening in floors, treads, podstupenok. For this you only need to choose the type of opening and the type of stairs.