Make sure that the eggs are fresh. To do this, put them in a container of water. If the eggs sink to the bottom, they carried more than three days ago. Eggs a week old will float vertically. Demolished three weeks ago, a stale egg will float.
Do not immerse the eggs out of the refrigerator, immediately into hot water. In this case, they will surely burst. They need to be removed from the refrigerator in advance.
To prevent the eggs from cracking during cooking, take cooking utensils small containers. In the process of cooking, follow the water level and if necessary, add the amount you need. Boil the eggs over medium or low heat with rapid boiling, they can burst.
Don't cook the eggs too long, in this case, the yolk will be ugly with a touch of gray, and the protein will be "rubber". To avoid this, set the timer to the desired time after boiling eggs. Hard boiled eggs boil for 8-9 minutes for soft-boiled eggs - 2-3 minutes, the eggs "in the bag" ready 5-6 minutes.
To correctlycook boiled eggs, pour into a small bowl of boiling water. Take the eggs and carefully place them in the water. The water should cover the eggs and be above them for 1-2 cm.
Place the saucepan over medium heat when the water boils, set your watch for one minute, then remove the pan from the stove and close it with a lid. Wait a minute, then put the saucepan on the fire. The eggs should simmer for seven minutes.
For cooking hard-boiled eggs, pour in a pot of cold water, put into it the eggs. Put the dishes on a medium heat, wait until the water boils, note the time and cook the eggs for the desired number of minutes.