Man can easily forgive the unwashed plates and burnt burgers, but for a long time will remember that the wife asked how he was doing. It is a sincere interest to the life of the husband evidence of care. But the main thing is not to overdo it. Constant calls and too Intrusive inquiries are perceived by the opposite sex as an attempt to restrict freedom. If you see a man busy or too tired to talk, reschedule the conversation for another time.
Caring wife trusts her husband and does not control it too much. It gives him the opportunity to prove themselves. And even if a man has something does not work, it supports it and gives you the chance to fix it. This behavior helps to believe in themselves, to understand that he is strong and can do anything. Then he will answer sincere gratitude to the care of his wife.
A woman who cares about her man, supports him in everything. In communicating with relatives and friends, she is always on his side. And even if the partner is wrong, the wife will talk to him about this privately, so as not to put your man in a negative light to outsiders. This concern about the reputation of the partner is always worthy of respect.
A loving wife cares about the health of her husband. She prepares wholesome, not too fatty foods, initiates sports and walks in the fresh air. She understands that men themselves rarely think about the health, so watching his physical and psychological condition. And not forcing forced to play sports, and showing all by example. Man does not want to lag behind from the spouse and be sure to take care of yourself.
Caring woman tries to understand her man, to put yourself in his place. She provides him companionship and gives the warmth of a mother. However, she understands the importance of physical proximity and gives to the beloved what he wants. It is this woman is the dream of millions of men. And having met her, they are afraid of losing their happiness, and in a hurry to enter into a legal marriage, having a relationship.