Perennial flowers for the garden

To hardy perennials include: Aster perennial, Golden globe, iris, daylilies, delphinium.

Perennial asters are characterised by heavy and long lasting flowering. They are well adapted to different soil conditions, grow well and bloom even in poor care. They are propagated by seeds or by dividing the Bush.
To asters bloom well, they need to be planted in an open Sunny position.

Golden ball (rudbeckia) is a hardy and undemanding plant that blooms profusely from August until late autumn. Stems Golden ball reach two meters in height, the flowers have a large, yellow color. The plant is propagated by dividing the bushes.

Iris – a plant that endures the winter. Irises have large flowers that sit on thick peduncles 5-8 pieces. Color they can be very diverse: white, yellow, blue, pink, purple, brown-red. Iris is propagated by division of rhizomes and seeds. Blooming iris has a delicate pleasant smell.

Day lilies – hardy and undemanding plant with large orange or yellow flowers that are arranged in several pieces on long peduncle. All daylily, reaches a height of 1.5 meters. The plant is propagated by dividing the Bush. Used for planting along paths and fences.

Delphinium – hardy perennial, which reaches a height of 2.5 meters. Blooms delphinium purple, blue, light blue and white flowers. It propagated by seeds, division of the bushes and cuttings.
To delphinium bloomed for as long as possible, cut the spent stem is at ¾ length.

Annual flowers for garden

Annuals adorn their flowers and ornamental greenery and flowerbeds in the spring, all summer to late autumn. Propagated by their seeds, which need very early to plant because of the long growing season. Many annuals have a very strong pleasant aroma, so they are often planted close to the terraces, houses in the country, on the sides of the tracks.

For hardy annual flowers, which are very popular among gardeners, are: calendula, marigolds, Petunia.
Calendula (marigold) is unpretentious, resistant to frost plant. Blooms throughout the summer small yellow or orange flowers. Looks good in group plantings, single plants get lost in the background of other colors.

Marigolds have a strong erect stem, the height of which can vary from 20 to 80 centimeters. A very fragrant plant with yellow or orange colors which can be simple or double.

Petunia is a herbaceous plant with beautiful large flowers of different shades. They can be simple or double, usually single bloom.