The cause of cervical erosion infection

Of course, genital tract infections are one of the causes of cervical erosion, but there the list ends. The disease can develop as a result of mechanical injuries during pregnancy or sexual intercourse, as the result of hormonal changes or inflammation in the vagina. Therefore, the risk of erosion there and the girls have not started to be sexually active.

Cervical erosion not necessary to treat

Some patients think to treat cervical erosion is not necessary. However, to make the conclusion about the necessity or uselessness of the treatment needs a doctor (and if you doubt his competence, it is possible to listen to the opinions of several experts).

Some of the girls up to 25 years can appear abnormal development of the cervical (ectopic) when the slimy part of the channel out of the uterus, but is not a pathology. A competent specialist able to distinguish the norm from the breach. The doctor takes a PAP smear, if necessary – biopsy and then prescribes treatment.
Girls with ectopia should be regularly seen by a doctor.

Cervical erosion of non-hazardous

The most dangerous misconception – the myth that cervical erosion is not a threat to women's health. Indeed, this disease usually does not cause discomfort, raise the temperature, changes the character of discharge. However, the erosion caused by the human papilloma virus, may evolve into cervical cancer.

Treatment of cervical erosion can lead to problems with pregnancy and childbirth

Treatment of erosion method of diatermokoagulyatsii can actually lead to complications: healing is slow, women can develop endometriosis, the scars remain, which will impede the fetus to be born naturally. Therefore, doctors everywhere to refuse these treatments in favor of radio-surgical knife and laser.
The popularity of moxibustion due to the low cost of the procedure, but it makes sense to spend more and do no harm to your health.

Cervical erosion can be cured with folk remedies

Tampons with sea buckthorn oil, herbal medicine, douching is not able to defeat the disease. Moreover, active substances (and sea buckthorn oil is such) can cause the rapid development of cancer at the site of erosion.