You will need
  • program Handy Recovery.
Download the program Handy Recovery. Best of all use it, since many other utilities to recover lost data from the computer made of it. Install, but please read the license agreement. The program has a trial period, so perfect for namegenerator use, but in the future to perform functions with its help you will have to purchase a license key.
Run the installed program. Select "Analyze disk" in the device list, select exactly from which it was previously removed. Then start the process. Upon its completion, review the results and apply the filter. It is best to specify the size (set the limit) and the search for the lost data, and to specify the format of the movies if they were all in the same.
In the folder tree on the left browse through all available directories on the presence of the desired videos, while not expect. what files and folders are named the same- their name will change, so be extremely careful in the selection results. It also explains the irrelevance of search on the name of the video – usually found data is displayed a strange set of numbers and symbols.
When you find the desired deleted videos, select them with the left mouse button and click on the top toolbar to "restore". If files large in size. This procedure can take a long time. It is best at this point not to run on your computer programs and processes consuming system resources.
After the procedure, open the folder Recovered Files on your hard drive and check the files on the performance, some of the large files can be problematic even for recover Handy Recovery.