You will need
  • - watercolor;
  • - brush;
  • - palette;
  • - pencil;
  • - a sheet of paper.
To draw the sea, first take a pencil and a ruler. Draw a horizon line a little above the middle of the sheet. It swipe a strip of blue paint. This way you show the depth of the sea.
Dilute the paint a bit with water, brush below the second line. Mix two colors are blue and light green. Draw a wavy line in the place where the waves are whipped foam. Stir the paint with water. A variety of small strokes, apply a line on the water.
Mix the other two colors are dark green and blue. Mark on the horizon another band. Get the turquoise color of the sea. Dilute the paint with water, swipe intermittent smears on the sea surface. Leave empty gaps in order to paint the foam on the crest of the waves. If you paint over the whole sheet, then it do not work. On the palette, mix a little black paint. Apply on the surface of the water, turquoise color, leave untouched.
Leave the figure to dry up a little. Mix blue and green paint. Apply a line around the horizon, make the color of the sea brighter and richer. Dilute the paint with water, paint the entire surface of the sea. In the foreground water color paint light. Near the shore can be seen the sand on the bottom of the sea. Further from the shore the water make darker. At different places leave unfilled gaps is foam on the waves.
Dilute the blue color of the water, to get a very light tint, thin brush draw the foam. Apply strokes in one direction to effect movement of the waves. To blue add a bit of black. Draw the tops of the waves over the white stripe with a dashed line. Black paint try to add very carefully one drop. Complete the drawing in its sole discretion.