You will need
  • - Partition Manager.
Turn on the computer and choose to boot the operating system that you need to keep. Wait for its launch and click "My computer". Open the local drive where you installed extra operating system. Select the directories related to system directories and some files. Press Shift and Delete. Confirm start process of deleting selected data. Many times you have to confirm the deletion of specific files.
To make things easier, first copy from the local disk all the data you need. Use any other hard disk partition. Now go back to menu "My computer" and right click the mouse on the desired section. Select "Format". Specify the cluster size and file system type of this partition that will be asked after you clean it. Click "Start" and wait for finish formatting the system volume on the hard disk.
In some situations local drive containing a second operating system, may not appear in the normal list. Open control panel and go to administrative tools. Select "computer Management" and go to the submenu "disk Management".
Now select local disk unnecessary by the operating system and open the tab "Action". Go to the menu "All tasks" and select "Format". Run this process.
If this is the method you are unable to access the section you want, the install program Partition Manager. Run it by selecting "Mode for experienced users." Right click the mouse on the graphical image of the required partition and select "Format". Click "Apply pending changes" after the preparation of the formatting options section.