Advice 1: How to change Windows on the laptop

Changing the operating system, you may need to upgrade the laptop as well as if you need to install a later version of the OS. Reinstallation of Windows does not require special knowledge and skills, thanks to the friendly interface of the installer.
How to change Windows on the laptop
If the laptop you plan to install a new operating system, you will need a disk or a flash-map of its distribution. Go into the BIOS of the laptop (press F2, F9 or F10 before boot) and log to the tab "Boot Device". In this tab you need to set the sequence of devices from which will be downloaded to the operating system. Depending on the medium on which is recorded the distribution of Windows, put the first CD-ROM or USB-drive.
Insert the disc in the drive (the flash drive into the USB port). Then to begin installation. Wait while the installer copies files. You will then have to choose how to go through the process of installation: on top of the existing system or on a formatted disk.
Carefully follow the installation process where you choose the options you require, including regional. During the installation process and after it, the computer may restart several times. The appearance of the desktop operating system means the completion of the installation. For okonchanii installation remove the removable media from which it was made, and then on that computer, install all the necessary drivers and software.
Installing Windows over an existing copy has two versions: installing a new operating system and upgrade your existing. Choose the most suitable for your situation.
Useful advice
If you decide to install Windows again, format the disk, saving all the necessary data on the archive logical drive.

Advice 2 : How to reinstall operating system on laptop

Install the operating system on the mobile computer is only slightly different from a similar process in relation to the stationary PC. However, it is important to consider some potential difficulties that arise when working with laptops.
How to reinstall operating system on laptop
You will need
  • - Windows boot disk;
  • - an external DVD drive.
A certain part of the mobile computers are sold with preinstalled operating system. Look on the underside of the laptop sticker Windows and verify the operating system version. The fact is that if you install a different OS version, you will not be able to use the provided license key.
Download image of a bootable disc with the right version of Windows. Specify the bitness of the system. If you do not find the desired information, identify the bitness of your own. As a General rule, if your computer was originally installed more than 3 GB of RAM, so the manufacturer used the 64-bit OS. You can also use a universal disc containing all available versions of Windows Seven.
Create your own installation disk. To do this, write the downloaded image to a DVD drive using software such as Nero Burning ROM. Insert the received disk drive in the mobile computer.
When working with netbooks, an external DVD drive. This equipment is usually connected to USB ports of the laptops. Turn on your laptop and press a key to invoke a menu choice of boot devices.
Highlight Internal/External DVD-Rom and press Enter. Wait for the preparation of files for installing an operating system. In the first menu, click "Install". Select the version and bitness of system if you are using such a disk. Click "Next".
Click the left button of the mouse on the local disk, which is the current operating system. Click "Format" located in the submenu "setup disk". Now again click "Next".
After some time the laptop will restart automatically. Remember that all subsequent runs must be completed with a DVD drive and hard drive. Fill in the menu as they appear. Initially, activate the firewall and update service operating system. Don't forget to set a password for the administrator account.
How to reinstall — preparing to reinstall Windows XP. Note that our instructions are universal for those who have decided to reinstall windose HP and the computer or laptop. If you have a laptop or netbook Acer, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung or any other manufacturer, it absolutely doesn't matter.
Useful advice
If you decide to rearrange the operating system, then you will have to reinstall all programs and drivers. Strongly recommended to clear the entire hard drive before installation, to avoid accumulating debris. We will give an example of the installation of the operating system Windows XP SP3 on a laptop Toshiba Satellite L300D-20M. 1) First make so that the computer booted from the CD drive.
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