The purpose of the audit is to determine whether compiled by the economic entity reporting, completeness of the information presented in it, as well as submission of information legislation and requirements imposed by the accounting.
The person performing auditing activities, is the auditor - a qualified person authorized in accordance with the law on inspections. Auditop should be able to gather essential facts and to understand the criteria on which these facts need to be assessed.
Facts that relate to the subject test, evaluated according to existing standards, which can be installed from the outside if subject to external audit or on the basis of plans and directions of the enterprise in internal audit.
The result of the audit, prepared the audit report. With it, the auditor informs the users of the statements about the circumstances discovered during the audit and conclusions reached.
The audit is external and internal. The external audit involves the assessment of financial statements, internal control, checking and analysis of the company's property and sources of its formation. Its main task is to establish whether the data of the reporting of its financial position. External audit is conducted by audit organizations, we invite.
Internal audit is the work of the internal audit service or the internal control service. It carries out a systematic check of activity of the enterprise. The results of the internal audit are used by the organization for management and analysis of the current situation.
Audit can be obligatory and voluntary. The voluntary audit conducted at the request of the customer, if the verification of activities not required by law. In contrast, the statutory audit is assigned by law, with the company of the purpose of the meeting is obliged to invite the auditors.