Big belly man, as a rule, not only is an indicator of decrepitude of body, its aging, poor diet and lifestyle, but also indicates that cardiovascular system its owner that something is not right. This means that the indicators of arterial pressure it is unlikely are normal.
Often the high blood pressure - a person with high blood pressurem, gives a red, color-hardened brick face and the face on which there is a vascular pattern. But the pale, thin face, usually suggests that the blood pressure of his master is reduced.
Reddened eyes tight, not a pale face can also push on the idea that their owner high blood pressure.
The probability of high blood pressure in humans, the pulse which, even when very strong pressure on the area of the artery does not disappear. But very weak thready pulse, almost immediately disappears after pressing on the artery, a sign of low blood pressure.
To dismiss the blood pressure from the norm may indicate also the following symptoms: dizziness, severe headache, flashing flies before the eyes, shortness of breath, nausea. People experiencing from time to time pain in region of heart, sensation of heat in face and pain in the occipital region of the head, it is also necessary to monitor the performance of their blood pressure.
Take note of the signs indicating high or, conversely, reduced blood pressure, it is possible only in case, if no special device. To accurately assess the state of their health is possible only using the tonometer.