If the image is in gif placed in the web page to save in your computer then right-click and select in context menu "Save image". This opens a standard dialog where you need to select the storage location and, if necessary, to change the name of a. gif file. Having done this, click "Save" and the transaction is completed.
If the previous method does not work, you can save the image in gif format different. And in this way it is necessary to click on the picture, right-click, but in the context menu select "Copy image" - this command places the image in the clipboard of the computer. Then run any graphics editor or even Microsoft Word and paste the clipboard contents by pressing ctrl + v. After that, save the picture, the dialog box invoked with ctrl + s. If you are using Word, then saving is possible only in the text document, a graphical editor will give a choice of formats (gif, jpeg, png, etc.).
If you have an image that is stored in a file of any graphic format and must be converted to gif format, then this can be done using a graphical editor, and with most programs, view graphics. If you decide to use a graphics editor it can be, for example, Paint from the Windows. Run the application and load the desired file (ctrl + o). Then expand the menu section "Save as" and select "Image GIF". Specify the file name, storage location and click "Save".
Most of the apps for viewing graphics is also able to convert image files to gif format. For example, the program FastStone Image Viewer to do this, select the picture you want, press enter, and then ctrl + s. In the opened save dialog, select a gif in the "file Type". Using the dialog opened by clicking "Options", select advanced options, and click the "Save"button.