At first whenthe signs of a fire immediately notify the fire Department. Telephone the emergency services - 01.Clearly name the address where the emergency occurred, the degree of threat to people, the optimal route of travel, your name. It is known that the rapid spread of fire in buildings contribute to ventilation ducts, open doors, Windows that let in additional oxygen, contributing to the development of the fire. That is why in the burning room is not recommended to immediately break the glass, open the door to the next room. The first action is to turn off the electricity on the flap of the landing and shut off the gas.At strong smoke, need to breathe, whenlogiv to the face with a wet cloth, and move, bending to the floor (smoke more than the top). Do not rush to the Elevator: use only ladders. If the path to ground is cut off, go to far from the fire room, closing the door. Open the window and screaming for help when youinsert the attention of passers-by. What to do if a fire occurred in front of you? To atthe measure, broke the TV, and the fire had not yet reached the room. Unplug atBor, fill it with water through the holes of the rear wall or cover with a thick cloth. Throw the TV through the window to the street can only with safety to others. Even if the fire you put out at once, you can get poisoned by combustion products. Immediately remove from the room those people that are not engaged in fighting, and children. So the same goes with the other electro fireathog.What if there is a local fire on the balcony (loggia)? With the threat of distribution of fire call 01, close all the doors, so as not to create draughts. With minimal threat to extinguish the fire with improvised means (a bucket of water, detergent, wet cloth, earth from the flower pots). Inform the neighbours about the incident.Seen smoke in the stairwell. If the smoke allows to navigate in space, try the message service 01 to determine the place of burning (apartment, trash, Inbox, etc.). The smell can also be a characteristic (rubber, combustibles, plastic, wood, paper). The small fire when youcall on the help of neighbors and extinguish the hearth. For large-scale incident will notify the tenants about it and try to leave the room for a flight of stairs, through fire escapes balconies. If when youneed to move through the densely filled with smoke corridor should be covered with thick wet cloth and move ingnowsis or crawling. If threatened by fire wall, it is important to avoid burns of internal organs: to fall, to cover the head with cloth and hold my breath.Noticing the fire in the basement, never try to get inside, call the fire Department. If you live on the first floor, open the Windows (but not the front door!), and then leave the home, notifying the fire neighbors.What to do if the man's burning clothes? It is impossible to escape: the flames will flare up even more. The fire should be put out heap of thick fabric, earth, snow, pouring water, leaving an open head. If you have the opportunity to help to throw off the burning clothing, do it, but very quickly. Provide all possible medical assistance. Remember: when the combustion of many substances is characterised by extremely toxic gases: hydrogen cyanide, phosgene and others. Thus, the threat may be not only the fire, but the fumes from it. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to give a reaction from mild headaches to fainting, coma, paralysis of the respiratory centres and death. The worst is when a fire in places with crowds - panic. Keep a cool head. Moving in the crowd, children keep ahead in front of him, taking them by the shoulders. Adults, numb with fear, when youlead in a sense, slapping his hands against his cheeks. Talk to them calmly and mobilecause. Getting out of a burning building, provide assistance for the needy, call an ambulance.