You will need
  • -passport;
  • -employment history;
  • -a certificate of insurance pension insurance;
  • -the document on education;
  • help 2-NDFL from the last place of work;
  • -open in your name account in the savings Bank.
Register with the employment service of the population. Subsidies the government can provide only the officially unemployed citizens. To do this, you must reach the age of eighteen and have a labor book with a record and the seal of dismissal, and reason for leaving and how much time has passed since his time, it is absolutely not important. The latter will only affect the amount of monthly unemployment benefits, which you will get after registration in the employment center (CNS). If you have never worked and have no employment record, you also have the right to participate in the state program for grants to start a business.
For registration you will need to provide CNS the documents.
State service of employment of the population that wish to participate in the state program for grants. To refuse no one has the right, except if you have already received from the state financial support for the opening of your business.
Decide what kind of activity you want to do. Please note that each region has its limitations, and the state does not Fund all types of activities. It is especially easy to get money for a business related to livestock, poultry, crop production and the provision of various consumer services.
Make a business plan. It consists of 6 sections:

  • information data;

  • the essence of the project;

  • the production plan and sales;

  • the justification of the cost of the project;

  • the calculation of unit cost of services, selling prices;

  • justification of the viability of the project.

Blanks business plan you will be given at CNS.
Bring the business plan to the employment service, after making a copy of it. It is necessary for you to be able to refresh your memory before the defense of the project after its approval. The time of approval of the project – up to 2 weeks.
Protect the project. Protection takes place in the center of employment of the population before the Commission in the form of conversation, where you just need to answer a number of questions concerning your future business activities. After the defense you will need to wait for the decision of the Commission, which shall be made within several days.
If the decision is positive, come to the employment center and sign the contract on granting a subsidy. Then head to the tax office and register their activities is desirable as IE (individual entrepreneur). It will be faster, cheaper and easier. Within 5 days will be ready with your documents.
Submit to the employment center for registration of entrepreneurial activity. Within several days your account will get the money.
Finally, within 3 months from the date of receipt of the grant report on how you used the money. To do this, take all cash and cash receipts, purchasing acts and so forth and bring them to the center of employment of the population.
Don't forget that the interdepartmental Commission periodically conducts audits on the implementation of the business plan.
In 2011, the subsidy for the discovery of entrepreneurial activity is 58800 rubles.