Analyze the level of sales in various outlets. Ask all of his counselors to conduct a detailed survey of customers needs. Identify, do you provide the necessary goods or services to consumers? If not, then expand your range to meet customer requests.
Work directly with potential new customers. You can do it by themselves or with the help of consultants. Surveys should consist of the following units: - whether the consumer buys at present this products and from whom;- whether it suits the quality of this product or he would prefer something else;- what factors in the buying decision most important to them (quality, timely delivery, etc.); - the most impact on him when large purchases.
Create a marketing campaign to target potential customers. Use the information you get from the consultants and independent analysis of the market. The last you can carry out yourself using only the Internet and their own judgement and experience. If in the course of the study revealed that customers perceive your product as a low quality, your campaign should be built around the superior product quality. Show them clearly what has changed and how.
Develop a system of rewards and incentives for your employees and consultants. Increase the amount of compensation in payment of fees. Might use this leverage in a situation when the distributor sells the product to the customers of your competitors. It will be a great help, which will increase competition and the share market of the company.
Go to the international level. In our time of rapid development of the Internet and other information technologies is simply impossible not to use them in the extension of the segment of the market. Hire international representatives, who will promote your products and services in promising areas. Let each of them will have a website and delivery service. They will only have to position it on the network and track sales. This step will help to increase the share of the market significantly.