Log in under the administrator password. Run the change owner to remove the password from the folderthat you want to open. Using Explorer, navigate to the desired directory. Click on the folder, right-click, select "Properties", go to the tab "Security". Next, click "Advanced", go to the tab "Owner". Click in the "change owner to".
To assign the owner to a user that is not in the list, double-click on "Other user", enter the desired user name and click "OK". Go to menu "Tools", select "Properties folder", then go to the tab "View", uncheck "Use simple access to files", then restart the computer. Then go to the directory that you want to check, did you manage to remove the password to access the folder.
Execute access to the folder with the stick. Insert it into the computer, copy all the information from it in any folder. Next, click "start", go to "options", select "control Panel", select "administrative tools", then go to "computer Management" – "disk Management".
Find from the list of equipment removable media (USB flash drive). Click the icon to disk, right-click, select "Format". In the opened window, select the FAT 32 system, click "Start". Wait until formatting is complete. Then copy to the flash drive folderthat you want to remove the password. Open it with flash. Thus, you can cancel the password folder.
Reset the password to folder in mobile phone using a special code. To do this, turn off your phone pull out the SIM card. Then again switch on the phone type the code *276*8451#. All phone settings will be reset and the file is saved. So you will be able to access a folder that is password protected.