You will need
  • - schedule;
  • - a report card.
Conditions of work, rest and pay, specify in the employment contract upon employment of the driver. If your company practiced long working hours, then install the driver the payment for the summed working time during the calculation period. Consider the calculation period is one month.
In the employment contract indicate the estimated rate at which you will pay the driver of the motor vehicle. You can set an hourly fee for work or day rate. The amount of wages be based on actual hours worked multiplied by the hourly rate, even if the employment contract States payment of the daily rate.
Make a work schedule for all drivers. Familiarize yourself with them by staff members no later than 1 month before the start of work on the new schedule. That is, each of the following schedule for the settlement period make at the beginning of the previous month.
Do not use the chart shift, beyond normal working hours, which are calculated based on the Labour code and should not exceed 40 hours per week. Based on 40-hour work week, you can make any chart, for example 5 working days of 8 hours or 2 days for 12 hours, after which it should provide at least 42 hours of rest. It is also permissible to make a schedule which will be 3 days 12 hours, but the next 42 hours should be output.
Practice shows that often the driver is in flight much longer than the time specified in the work schedule and employees are attracted to work on weekends, public holidays. All actual hours of work of the driver indicate in the register of working time, the T-12 or T-13. Wages for the current month count, in these transcripts, and not the work schedule.
All processing, not specified in the work schedule may be made only with the written consent of the driver and not be paid less than double time if the employee has not expressed a desire to obtain additional rest days for all recycled watch (article 113, 152 and 99 of the LC RF).
If the driver was working the night shift, regardless of the graphics work was done or outside, you have all night to pay at a higher rate which is not less than 20% (article 154 of the LC RF). Watches are considered to be night work from 22 to 6.
If you send the driver in long distance flight, in addition to the schedule shift, make a separate schedule of the route. Set movement time, rest and lunch.
If you made the schedule work for 12 hours, in flight, you are required to send two driver (item 9 of the order of Ministry of transport).
With the schedule and familiarize all drivers under the bill.