In order to save the user save file of the game if you reinstall the operating system, open the folder "My documents" and go to the directory location of the data - CAPCOM/RESIDENT EVIL 5/. Copy to a removable device or hard drive you won't format during the reinstallation process.
Save game profile, because without this, the files save the progress of the computer game Resident Evil will not work. To do this, open your local disk, enter the directory AppData/Local/Microsoft/XLive and as in the previous paragraph, create a copy of them on removable media. Remember the location of files in the current operating system, because if you make the path even the slightest error, the save will not work.
After reinstalling the operating system on your computer run the installation of the game Resident Evil. Run it to create the necessary directories, and then close. Copy that appears on the computer folder the save file and game profile of the user. Then restart the computer.
Then start the game. If you did everything correctly, then it will display all previous progress and your profile, however, there are some ways to test it before reinstalling the system.
Verify the correct action by moving the data folder to reinstall your operating system. Go to the game; if your profile is gone, sign out and return the files to their previous location. Then start Resident Evil; if the profile will appear in the menu, then you did everything correctly and you can reinstall the operating system, without fear of losing game data in the profile view and save files.