Become the chosen people. In fact, to obtain a diplomatic passport is not as easy as it may seem. Unlike the ordinary foreign passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, this document might obtain a few number of people in the country, as well as numbers in red on your car.The diplomatic passport allows you to travel to some countries without visas, in some countries a visa is considerably easier. If you have any problems with the law in the host country, the domestic Consulate prompt will help you.That's only to still have this official document, you need to be at least a Deputy of the State Duma or Federation Council Senator. Much easier to get, the question is quite controversial. You can still win the presidential election and also to travel with the coveted document. But hardly anyone will dare only because of the passport giving some benefits to change my life and go into politics.
Build a very successful career as a lawyer or banker. To obtain a diplomatic passport in the Russian Federation in addition to deputies, senators, the President and Ministers can judge of the constitutional, Supreme and Supreme Arbitration courts of the Russian Federation. Of course, it is necessary to understand which way you need to go from law student to qualified employee of higher courts. You can obtain a diplomatic passport, being the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. If you believe that this is possible, at least in theory, you can try to document in this way.
Get one family to holder of a diplomatic passport. Family members, namely spouses or minor children of the holder of a diplomatic passport are also eligible to receive the treasured document. In principle, all of these paths light will not name, choose what you closer, if you still desire to obtain a diplomatic passport.