Apply for a visa. The list of required documents can be found on the link. Ask for a single entry visa for 5 days. A visa is 10 days. If there is no reference from Bank about existence of money in the account buy 200 Eurocheques in any Bank (proof of funds entering). Insurance purchase directly outside the Embassy. In the questionnaire, in the column of purpose of visit, just write "car purchase". In addition, the questionnaire will indicate the place of stay in Lithuania (specify the address of the hotel). Remember that the Embassy is pre-written to apply.
A day or two to check out, write down data from the Internet any machines. Note, however, that instead of year can be the year of first registration. In other words, the machine may be a year older and that means more expensive customs clearance. The most interesting options will ring. Interested in cars can be in different cities, so bring a helper. If you go to your car, take a supply of food, shoes, and socks (just in case), pump, emergency sign, Jack, the cable and tool set.
At the entrance to the border and buy insurance (green card). The power of attorney on a car is not required. Customs scrupulously declare the money to avoid trouble with the check. Before the border, fill a full tank. Immediately after the border to exchange money for travel expenses to lita. The remaining currency will pass upon return. If you go by the company, change all money at the same time to save on the Commission. Take care purchasing a SIM card with the Lithuanian room.
First go to the city of Tuareg. The experience of the dealers, there is a very high probability to find a quality car for reasonable money. During movement do not break traffic rules and speed limits, be sure to buckle up – the penalties are very high.
In the Touareg's eight large parks with a variety of machines. They are all closed, the windshield has a price and phone number of the seller. If the machine liked to call. All car sellers say in Russian. Ask in advance about all defects in order to save your time and the time of the seller. Find out extreme price below which bargaining is impossible. Note the tinted Windows and the year of issue. Replacement tinted glass will reduce to zero all the savings when buying. No tinted glass shall be marked AS2. About the year mentioned above.
If you do not like it, walk around the trucks and call pre-written ads. If you want to buy rare model, tune in for a long search all over Lithuania, or go for a large market in Kaunas. Not finished in one day, stay overnight at the hotel.
Any machine on the Transporter can only be observed visually. For a more detailed inspection will have to pay a Deposit of 100-200 euros, which will not be returned upon cancellation of the purchase. Before sending a Deposit, read the documents. It happens that a truck hits a car located in Lithuania.
When you purchase confidently invite the owner to assume the cost of processing documents. A good seller will go for it, and offered to split the cost in half. If the car was only in the evening and will have to arrange in the morning, ask for a discount for the night. Before registration will have to pay a Deposit of 100-200 euros. Registration will take 2-3 hours. The seller give a photocopy of your passport, where you independently write in Latin letters the address of residence and the customs point through which the will go. According to the laws of Lithuania, to leave the country only through the point specified in the documents for the car. Be sure to save the telephone number of the seller.
Returning home, stay near big hypermarket to buy the necessary accessories, products, household chemicals. The prices in Lithuania is much lower than in Russia. While passing through customs can occur alleged problems with the documents. The customs will ask to leave the car in the sump and to complete the formation documents. In this case, often helps 1-2 bottles of good vodka, presented to customs officials. On the Russian border to purchase insurance, complete the Declaration and fill in all remaining money (including those used for customs clearance). Purchased spare parts declare separately. They must be intended for the machine on which you ride, otherwise it will be difficult to prove that they are intended for your personal use.