Start the web browser. Open the Toolbox program, go to quick settings. Uncheck the tick from "Enable plug-ins". This option is relevant in case if you want to disable all the extra tools for the program. Perhaps some versions have support deactivate individual plugins. To read better with the interface of your browser.
Open "My computer". Go to the hard drive, which stores all the system folders, find the one that is called Program Files. Display these folders may be hidden by the system for content protection, change this setting in the dialog box that appears, select "Always show these files".
You have a long list of directories with names corresponding to installed on your PC software, go to the folder Opera. Among all the existing sub folders, find the Program, open it and then go to Plugins.
Find out the exact name of the pluginyou want to disable in Opera. Be careful, because the names of many of them can be similar. From Plugins folder, delete the file that name. Please note that before performing this operation, the browser must be closed or working with plug-ins must be disabled, otherwise the file may be involved in the work and is not available for transactions with him.
Make sure that the plugin in the future, you do not need. Just in case, copy it to a separate folder on the computer to further reduce the time to search for him online. Then just move it back if you need it in the future. Before uninstalling, copy the user data that is used to work with him, because they can be lost.