You will need
  • program to guess passwords.
Download to your computer program to guess passwords. Be extremely careful, a large part of these applications contain malicious code that can harm your operating system and delete all the files.
If suddenly when you unzip your downloaded, the program window with the requirement of the code that you can obtain by sending an SMS to a short number, etc., in any case do not do it, just remove the installation file from your hard drive and find another way to solve the problem.
Check the downloaded software antivirus with actual bases and antitroyanos. This will help to protect your computer from harmful files.
When the application installer will perform all necessary actions, start it. All you have to do is specify the approximate number of characters in the password and others that you know his attributes. This is a long-term operation, implementation of which depends entirely on the length of the password contained symbols, and so on. Also complicating the task is the presence of the fact that the letters of the password when the water was of different sizes. It is a difficult task even for a computer with good hardware configuration.
In carrying out the work in the downloaded application is best disable programs running in the background. Also during the procedure of selection of the password do not overload the computer running the application. Requiring a large overhead, as it increases the time to perform basic tasks, even with good hardware configuration.
While the program tries to guess the password to your file, try still to remember it because even the newest software version on the selection of passwords do not promise you the availability of positive results.