You will need
  • - passport of the recipient of alimony;
  • - passport of the payer of the alimony;
  • - receipt of child support;
  • - the payer of the alimony;
  • - the notary.
The receipt is binding if properly drawn up. Write it with own hand, legibly and without corrections. In the case of the prosecution, conduct handwriting examination correctly composed receipt of alimony will be for the payer to guarantee the fulfillment of obligations.
Specify the time and place of drawing up of receipts. If necessary, this information will help the taxpayer to prove the fact of transfer of money. In the preparation of the document and receipt of funds will be useful the presence of a third person, invited as a witness. In this situation, make it data and not forget that at the end of the receipts should include his signature, legible printed name.
Write in full the receipt passport data of both parties as payer and recipient of alimony. They should contain the series and number of passport, Department code, date of issuance of the document, the exact details of what he issued, and also the place of registration and registration.
Enter the amount of alimony initially figures with the spelling "ruble" and "kopecks" and then words with a capital letter, enclosing it in brackets. In case of differences these data, the priority will be given to the amount written in words.
The receipt should note the focus of cash acquired, the repayment period and will specify whom they are intended, if the child support is scheduled for a minor.
Before to put the signature and the decoding of the names in the receipt of alimony, carefully check it, since any discrepancy can later be cause for loss of legal force of writing.
At the request of the payer of the alimony, the receipt can be notarized.