You will need
    • 1 kg of potatoes;
    • 700 g of minced meat;
    • 5 eggs;
    • 1 onion;
    • 300 ml of milk;
    • 50 g butter;
    • salt and pepper to taste;
    • green onions.
Clean the onions from the husk and finely chop with a knife or in a blender. In a frying pan 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil, rascality it to much heat, carefully put the onions and fry it until Golden brown. Put in the pan with the onions minced meat. Fry the beef for 10 minutes over high heat, stirring occasionally. Then add a little boiled hot water, salt and black pepper and cover skillet. Fry the minced meat on low heat until complete evaporation of water.
Hard boil 3 eggs. Cool them and peel off the shell. Finely chop eggs and add in the fried minced meat. Mix thoroughly.
Rinse under water to the potatoes and peel them. Put in a saucepan, cover with water, add salt and cook over heat until fully cooked. Boiled potatoes place in a deep bowl; add piece of butter and using a blender make a puree.
Break into a deep Cup 2 eggs and whisk them with a mixer. Add the milk and mix thoroughly with the beaten eggs. Add the resulting mass to mashed potatoes. Whisk puree with a blender.
Take refractory form and grease it with some butter. Divide the mashed potato into two parts. Put in the form one portion of mashed potatoes, then put the fried minced meat with eggs. Then put the second part puree to the mince and flatten with a spatula. Grease casserole chicken egg yolk and put in preheated oven. Bake the dish for 45 minutes at 170 degrees.
The finished pudding cool down a bit. Cut it into pieces and serve. Sprinkle on top the casserole with finely chopped green onions.