You will need
  • - any program of search of keys.
Download and install Everest. It is best to download application from official sites to avoid infecting your computer with viruses, it also reduces the risk of problems with stability.
Run Everest, from the main menu, go to "licensing" section, where you will find the keys to your installed software. Select the line Microsoft Office Word and copy the license key.
If you have a package from the software MS Office Word, view the license key on the sticker that is usually on the disc case. If the program was preinstalled, look for the appropriate sticker on the computer case. It does not confuse labels of the software and operating system should be written it in Microsoft Office Word.
Enjoy the program Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, which performs the function of search key on your computer. It is more easy to use than other software performing the same function – just go to installed applications of your computer, click one of the columns product name, and the other that appears, copy the license key.
Download and install Passcape Win CD Keys, if in addition to the search keys for the installed applications need advanced functionality. This program can copy keys to file, printing directly from the application window, copying and storing information. Select it in the installed software list Microsoft Office Word 2007 and see the data you need. Also you can copy and save them for the future in the file.