If you have decided to study painting yourself, then you can resort to various self-help books. In these books all explaining this step by step, which greatly facilitates the learning process. It is important to train gradually, starting from the simple to the complex.
For an artist it is very important is the ability to observe and to notice all the details. So, try to observe the person in the process, a bird or an animal. Accustom your eyes to mentally draw these forms. While at first it will be difficult, gradually the habit of watching will be strengthened in you.
Try to draw objects from memory, pririsovyvat all the elements. This will give you the opportunity to develop visual memory. It is useful to carry out several works with different problems.
Experts advise at the initial stage not to get involved in color perception. Drawing in paint is better to practice later, when it will be honed skills in image form, volume, a sense of proportions.
Draw every day for 20-30 minutes. Only in this way can improve their skills and observation. Your plan for a day at least 5-6 drafts. Try to draw both at home and at work, and in transit. Thus, you develop the hand, perfected the ability to see the nature, proportions of the subjects. It is useful to draw comics, step by step instructions.
Try to copy the paintings of great artists. Try to get as close to the source. In this study not only techniques, but also his biography, ask about the culture of the time. Be sure to read professional literature – books on art history, anatomy, monographs, masters, study psychology, philosophy – everything connected with the profession of the artist.
Set goals. In any case, do not delay their plans, creative ideas. Participate in contests, exhibitions.