When buying medicine, note the active substance of the drug and the composition, namely they determine the therapeutic effect and side effects.
Try to buy drugs known pharmacological companies, which reliability and long existence in the market and will be a kind of guarantee of the quality of the drug. Therefore, when buying be sure to read the name of the campaign which produced the cure. If the drug has no brand name, and annotations are given only active ingredient — you got the usual generic. It is a cheap drug analog, and its effectiveness may be questions.
How to check <strong>medicine</strong> <b>authenticate</b>
Consider carefully the packaging of the drug. Be sure to check the expiration dates drugs are necessary. With embossing the name of the medicinal product and name of manufacturer should be located on the packaging or on the blister with the capsules or tablets, but on tablets needs to be applied to certain accepted signs. If you repeatedly acquire the same medication, you will be easy to distinguish its original packaging. If you notice changes in color, font, location, font, figures, or other details, call the office of the manufacturer and find out if changes in design, and should look like the packaging of this drug at the moment.
How to check <strong>medicine</strong> <b>authenticate</b>