Advice 1: How to know the password in mail Agent

Many people today to communicate with friends and acquaintances in addition to use the most popular messenger ICQ, also "Mail.Ru Agent . If you enter the number of users of this program and are faced with the problem of authorization, follow the following instructions.
How to know the password in mail Agent
In order to enter the program "Mail.Ru Agent and begin to chat with your friends, you need to fill in just two fields: email and "Password . And if you enter your e-mail you have problems should arise, then the password can be misleading. Actually it's simple: enter in a free field the password of your e-mail @Mail.Ru (,, - as options), it will be the password to log in "Mail.Ru Agent .
It will be difficult if you forgot the password of your e-mail. In this case click on the words "Forgot? located to the right of the field to enter the password. In the opened window enter the address of your mailbox and click "Next .
To recover a forgotten password, you will have two options: either answer the secret question you together with answer asked when registering a mailbox, or enter an additional e-mail address, if you specified it in the settings of your email, and press "Enter .
In the first case, set a new password, repeat it, enter code from image and click "Enter second - read the letter, which will come within some time specified an additional e-mail address and follow the instructions in it.
Upon successful completion of the previous steps you will be able to specify a new password for your email. Enter it along with the address of the mailbox when you log in "Mail.Ru the Agent and click "OK . Lots of fun.
If you have forgotten the password to your mailbox, you will have to set new ones.
Useful advice
Remember the answer to the secret question provided during registration e-mail.

Advice 2: How to find the password in the users

To access the various functions of a personal computer often requires administrator rights. If you need to go to the operating system as an administrator, you need to know the password on this account, if it is installed. Forgetting it, you will still be able to log in to the OS, but this would be much more difficult. Have to remember the password or somehow get around the procedure of its entry.
How to find the password in the users
To recover the password on account "Administrator", unfortunately, will not succeed. If you can't remember, it has no way to know. But you can reset it to enter the OS and install it again.
Hit when you restart your computer press F8 (or other, depends on motherboard model) to get access to a selection of boot options OS in the relevant menu.
You need to choose "Safe mode". In the users list, select the account, the password for which you know or one that they are not protected.
After the desktop loads, you will see a dialog box informing about the continuation of work in Windows safe mode. You need to click on the "OK" button, click on the "start menu", select "control Panel" and go to "user Accounts".
In the menu that appears, click on the "edit account". In the accounts list, locate the desired option. Select "Change password", enter the new password in the pop-up window, then re-enter. The box labeled "Old password" just leave blank. Left click on the "Change password".
Restart the PC to boot in standard mode. When you receive the prompt, enter your new password.
You can change password using Net User. Choose "Safe mode with command prompt". Select the account with the known password or without it.
You will see an on-screen window of the command interpreter of the OS. Specify the account name, the next line new password. Next, enter the word Exit, then press Enter.
Restart the PC in normal mode, then you can log in to the OS on behalf of your user account with the new password.
Useful advice
Try to use a password that you personally would have no problems to remember. Use the hint.

Advice 3: How to know the password of the email

Paper letters so far sent only an avid romance and the elderly. And even the latter have learned to use a computer, including having e-mail. But what if the password from the e-mail was hacked or lost?
How to know the password of the email
You will need
  • Internet access
To remember the password from the mail you can by answering the secret question, which you specified during the registration box. You can do this thus: on the home page in "your" mail agent find a link "Forgot password?" (or something like that), which will be a link (it is located next to the password). You just have to go for it.
When you open a new page system you will have to confirm the email address. After confirming the correctness of his writing you will see that the hidden question, the answer to which will allow you to access an electronic mailbox.
Another way, which will allow you to learn the password from the "box" - the appeal for help in technical support, which are in each mail system. To do this you need to fill out a form for appeals, find that you can on the main page of PS. In the letter you should indicate your personal data (name, surname, gender, date of birth), location (region, city) and information about the mailbox (the approximate date of registration and the last visit, used Internet service provider, ip address, approximate password , etc.). From additional questions in the form can occur following: when was the last time you changed your registration data, restored if the password or the like. Data in fields of the form fill out correctly - only in this case, support will help you to recover a lost password.
A password on your mailbox, you can also learn the right putting another current email address (if available) or by entering a valid mobile number that you mentioned at check-in match will receive a text message with the recovered password).

Advice 4: How to learn about a new letter without entering in email

E-mail is opened on the service has a number of advantages, one of which is the ability to receive timely information about incoming emails, not looking to your "Inbox". In addition to the paid methods are and two free: download the program and directly on the website.
The Agent must enter an email address and password

Receive a notification via Agent"

This method is convenient for those users who work on the same computer, as it will be necessary to install a special program Agent" distributed free of charge. In addition to the notification settings from private email, it allows you to exchange instant messages, connect other email resources (Yahoo Mail, ICQ) as well as to configure notifications from their pages in social networks Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte. Download Agent on the official website mail.<url> by clicking on the green button. Possible to install on the phone.

Installing the program, you should connect it to your e-mail, and better to start with the main box, and then add as needed support. This is necessary in order to clicking on the icon in the envelope located in the program window on the top bar, it was no problem to log in to your primary email.

Registration takes place by entering in the proposed cell your email address and password. Adding more boxes is via the string "Add user" which can be found in the list of commands that appears when you press the "Menu" button.

New incoming email is immediately displayed through "Agent" in two places: first, the message goes to task bar, and secondly, it appears next to the icon in the notification area in the bottom right corner of the screen. He is accompanied by a short beep, allowing the user to sit at the computer waiting for emails.

Setup free notifications via SMS

To find out about new e-mails at any time, regardless of the presence enabled computer, you can configure receive free SMS messages. To do this, log on to website email open settings (the top bar with the name of the resource – "More" – "Settings") and select in the list the string "SMS-notification".

In the opened page you need to put a marker on the "on" position, enter the phone number, put a tick next to the name of the folder, about changes in which I would like to get notifications (incoming, outgoing), set the interval to receive messages at night or during operation), the frequency of receiving the SMS (every half hour or hour), and specify the time zone, then click on "Save". Unfortunately, not all mobile operators support this service. A list of suitable operators can be read by clicking on the appropriate link.
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