From the moment of signing this document the parties relationship shall have the rights and obligations to each other. Making the act of transfer and acceptance should start with the designation of its name, for example, "the Act of transfer and acceptance of premises". The name is usually spelled in the middle of the first line, in capital letters or in bold.

On the next line enter the date of the writing (left margin of sheet 4) and place – locality (right field).
In the text of the act it is important to mention the object itself or an object that transmit or host and its key features. For example, the text of the act you can state: "we, the undersigned landlord (name) employer ( name) made this act that the landlord has passed, and the tenant has accepted the premises, which is a apartment located at Samara, 2nd Klochkovskaya proezd, 3, room 278. The premises are equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system. The apartment has TV, fridge, washing machine. The technical condition of the premises and equipment suitable for operation".
If you pass (get) the equipment, specify the name, quantity, year of manufacture, technical condition at the time of transfer, condition of packaging. If the certificate is made upon acceptance of the car, it should contain information about the model, mark, vehicle colour, registration number of the engine, the vehicle passport etc. When making the transfer of documents – the name of each document in its composition, number of pages, number of copies, etc.

At the end of the act put the signatures of the persons involved in the reception and transmission . Copies of the act of reception and transmission must be same as the main contract, that is at least two.
Here are just a sample version of the content of the act of transfer and acceptance, in its preparation in a particular situation, you may choose to adapt the example.