You will need
  • - vinegar;
  • water;
  • - soft fabric.
To reduce the temperature need only when it gets above 38 degrees. Otherwise, the virus will multiply. If you are able to transfer heat, be patient and allow the organism to cope with infection. Thus, you not only heal, but also strengthen the immune system.
In folk medicine, there are many ways to get rid of temperature without drugs. The best and most effective is rubbing with vinegar. Prepare a 9% vinegar (just vinegar, not essence), water and a soft cotton cloth. You can use a small Terry towel. As for the vinegar, prefer Apple or grape. Dissolve in 500 ml of warm boiled water a tablespoon of vinegar. Keep in mind that water temperature should be 30 to 40 degrees. Soak the cloth in solution, wring out the water did not spread, and begin the procedure.
Lay a sheet of thick fabric, so as not to wet the bed, lay the patient on to the bed, undress and start the procedure. Remember that the solution in any case can not be rubbed into the skin. Use light stroking movements downwards. Start wiping from the chest. Go to the back. Wipe arms, legs, collar area, shoulders, wrists, hollows under the knees, armpits and crook of the elbows. Periodically soak the towel in the solution and press it. After completing the procedure, remove the sheet, slide the patient on the pajamas and wrap it so it sweated out well. When people sweat, change his bed, change their clothes and cover him with a warm blanket. In most cases, improvement occurs after the first procedure.
To enhance the effect of the solution is to add 1-2 teaspoons of sea salt, provided that the patient not allergic to wheat. Otherwise, possible skin redness and itching.
If the body temperature exceeds 39 degrees, along with the rubbing, use cold compresses. Dissolve in a glass of cold water (15-17 degrees) dessert spoon of vinegar. Dampen a small Terry towel in solution, wring out and put the patient on the forehead. When the compress becomes warm, soak it in the solution and repeat the procedure.