You will need
  • -Grill;
  • products in accordance with the selected recipe.
Prepare the grill soup. In pots or heat-resistant glass saucepan, add the ingredients, cover with boiling water. Add salt at the end of cooking. Cook at a temperature of 120 degrees and medium speed fan.
Meat and fish at the grill you can fry, bake. Meat for frying, choose fatter or saturate it with sauce. In this case, it will not become dry. For the same purpose you can use baking foil. It will also prevent meat and fish from drying out. The grid in the grill allow you to adjust the warming dish. Meat and fish and bake on the middle grid in the "Grill" at 260 degrees and high fan speed. Fish is cooked for 10-15 minutes, the chicken 25 minutes, the meat in foil for one hour.
Vegetables and fruits before baking needs to be cleaned, remove the core and seeds. Apples remote core cook at the maximum speed in the mode "Grill" for 10 minutes. Potatoes cook better in foil. Place it on the middle grate. Bake about 40 minutes at 180 degrees, and the average fan speed.
The dough into the grill cooks very quickly, to get used to it. For example, the pancakes cook in the pan on the top grate. Set the temperature of 235 degrees. The fan will turn on high speed. Cooking time - 6 minutes. Cakes bake on the upper and lower grilles for 15 minutes at the same temperature.
Bread for toast and sandwiches cook in the mode of warm-up. So they will be crispy and warm, but will not become too dry.
For cooking casseroles and cereals, use the mode "Russian stove". The fan will turn on at medium speed. All products used pre-mix. During cooking to get the food from the grill, for example, for mixing, is not recommended.