To get the state of small business, it is necessary to obtain the status of unemployed. Please contact the employment Service at the place of residence and register as unemployed and wait for about two weeks. If during this time you will not find suitable vacancies, you will be assigned the status of unemployed. After that you will either receive unemployment benefits every month, you will be offered either self-employment as IE or entity.
After you receive the status of unemployed persons go through psychological testing in readiness for running your own business. The results of this testing, the employment Service will adopt a preliminary decision on granting subsidies for the development of small business, so step up to the testing very seriously. A good night's sleep before taking the test, be as honest and serious. Thus you will check for preparedness to start their own business from the point of view of psychology and knowledge of economic fundamentals.
If knowledge in the field of business is not enough, but psychologically you are ready to open business, you will be asked to undergo training in any of the local schools, where you will learn the basics of accounting, HR and other skills needed to be a businessman. The training is free, because the state is interested in development of small business and ready to help it to develop.
The next step is the preparation of a business plan and protection of the host Commission. Sample business plan will provide you with the employment Service, tell about the main requirements to it. The business plan will need to describe in detail all costs that are planned in the first months after opening their own business. This business plan will need to be protected before the Commission. Most just get a grant to start a business in the field of agriculture and in important social spheres. If the Commission approves your business plan, you will receive a grant in the amount of 58 800 rubles, and the payment of the state duty paid for registration of a legal entity or an Individual entrepreneur.