Before you decide to go live out of the city to the village, you need to understand that will have to change their way of life: treating a vegetable garden, keep poultry or even cattle, to get up early in the morning, etc. are You ready for it? If Yes, go ahead!
Here you made the final decision to move. Now define the place where you want to live. Better to move to the countrysidewhere you have friends or relatives. Since this place is somewhat familiar: you know what kind of people live there, what to do, what is the way of life. This is important because you will be able to initially rely on anyone and faster to get used to a new life, as in the villages live a different life and to a stranger is not always welcome.
If in rural areas you have no friends and relatives, choose a place close to your or other city. So it will be easier to get to the clinic, the Bank, the police and other social institutions.
Have you decided where your future residence? Now go there, ask: do they sell the house, what is the cost of housing? Of course, you can do it through the Agency. But then you have to pay for their services.
If you have the money to purchase housing, its not in the best sell. As can be taken (additional income) or you will want to go back. Because not every city person can live in the village (desires are not the same skills).
Once you buy your house in the village then decorate it according to the rules, this is to get registration in it. Now you can start to implement plans of rural life.