You will need
  • A set of screwdrivers, the user manual for your car,a small piece of wood.
Select the location where you will make the procedure of dismantling the door trim panel. This can be done in the yard of your house if the weather is warm and dry. But the best option is a garage. In it you can not be afraid of bad weather. And much more comfortable to deal with car repairs in the room than on the street. Note that the surface on which is your car, should be smooth. Apply the Parking brake to lock the car. Open the hood and remove the negative battery terminal. This will prevent a short circuit when you disconnect the leads the electric Windows and alarm.
Maximally open the door, from which you will remove the plating. If the door is not held in the maximally open state, it is necessary to fix. You can use a small piece of wood to insert between the door and the car body just below the upper hinge. Remove all things that are in the door. Remove all overhead items. It could be the plugs or the edging of the buttons window.
Now Unscrew all the screws that secure the door trim. Their location you can find in user manual for your car. Try to remember, and best of all to record where a screw was, as they can vary slightly in diameter or length. Now move the housing lever opening a door in the side of the vehicle and pull it out. The lever smoothly out of the slot and disconnect.
Now the trim is held only on the plastic latches. Find their location. In these places, gently press the edge of the trim panel and gently pull. So you open the latch. Now you need to carefully remove the sheathing a couple of inches. Carefully disconnect all wires going to the buttons window and column. Thereafter, the door trim would be to keep and can be freely removed.