You will need
  • - screwdriver with flat and Phillips blade;
  • - simple cap wrench and TORX heads.
To remove the interior lining of the doors, press the retaining tabs on the facings of the Windows and remove the veneer. Then Unscrew the handle of the window. For removing the cups from a window winder Unscrew the three screws and then the screws on the frontal side facing the front and back.
The blows of the fist on the armrest the bottom line facing the doors so that the detents out of the grooves of the door frame. Then a little fold itself facing up. Opened the catches, remove from the slots. In conclusion, remove the cable NC contact, and the door post of the rail and the lever. The connectors on the switches and disconnect dynamics.
Disassemble the mechanism of the lifters in the following order. First, remove the crank handle with the axis by pushing the retaining tab and inserting a screwdriver under it. Removing the handle cover, locate the screw under it and remove it. Then remove the bowl interior door handles. Unscrew the two screws behind the removed handle.
To remove locks, remove the support Assembly door from its foundations, removing it from the retaining clips of the control rod exterior door handle and drum castle. The locking latch fold in the clips 90 degrees and loosen the four fixing screws on the front sides up. Unscrew two bolts TORX 6 mm and remove the lock.
For removing external door handle tilt toward the spring clips of the two rods that control the door lock. After that rod post. Through the notch on the inside of the door remove the TORX bolt located on the front of the door handle. Using the door frame to touch the height of the locking of the drum locate the small lock lever and rotate it 65 degrees to the rear edge of the door.
Then remove the door handle, utaplivaja it inside. Pull out the drum key and remove the outer trim panel, slightly turning it. Disconnect the wire. When sorting through the rear door, note that the outside handle, unlike the front, fastened with two TORX bolts and has locking lever.
Join in the dismantling of the locking drum. To do this, insert the key into the drum, press the retaining ring on the rear end of the drum. Remove the leash and the coil, noting their location. Remove the drum from the fascia and lubricate spray to remove rust.