To be able to determine the nature of the human person, a good thing. You can warn yourself from a bad experience or, conversely, to choose a pleasant associate. Only determine at the first meeting the basic human traits and, on this basis, build the conversation.
First and foremost, pay attention to the shape of the face. People with round faces good-natured, even a little spineless. They love comfort, friendly and fun company. If a person has a triangular face, that is narrowed down, then we can say about his high talent, cunning, and even quarrelsome. At the same time, such people are more prone to attachment. Square face shape says about masculinity and decisiveness. Women with this face shape tend to dominate over others. People with trapezoid face of nature is artistic, kind, intelligent.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Look at the shape of the eye. If the eyes narrow, you secretive man. Wide-open eyes of sensitive people, but such people are usually not too smart. Note the color of the iris. Black and dark green eyes - a sign of vigor, light green and blue - indecision. Owners light brown eyes modest and shy. And if a person has dark grey eyes, he is both smart and aggressive.
The nose may also have something to tell you. Rate the length and size of the nose. The long nose of true individuality, and the short – sincere, open people. Aquiline nose, like the Greeks, peculiar to clever people. If a person has a narrow nose, it is a sign of levity. People with a large nose usually helpful.
Don't forget about the eyebrows. Look at shape, length, curves. Thick eyebrows is talking about the desire to dominate. Low brow is characteristic of the kind and humble people. If the eyebrows with large curved, the person likes to lead, especially women. Of course, the eyebrows are much more difficult to determine the nature of a man, it comes to women. They usually change the size, color and shape eyebrows.
Finally, the man's lips. Take a good look at this beautiful feature of the face. Small mouth will say that a person has a weak character, but a large mouth characteristic of strong spirit people. People with thin lips insidious and petty. Be careful when dealing with such a person. If the upper lip is slightly protruding, it is a sign of insecurity. On the contrary, exhibited lower lip, speaks of the selfishness of man.

Remember that the facial features change with age. To give a more accurate description of the person, keep in mind not only them, but also facial expressions, behaviour and body position.