Mask circles under eyesmi to get rid of signs of fatigue. To do this, apply a correction. It should be slightly lighter than the skin tone. Thus the pink hue of the concealer will hide bluish shadows and Golden will give a Shine.
Outline lips with pencil is a neutral color, then fill in the outlined space with a lip gloss, if you want to achieve fullness and sensuality. You can put on some lipstick, but then to add fullness, apply a lot of gloss on the middle of lips. To have your lips look natural, paint them with your finger, patting lightly. But if you want to color on the lips for a long time not washed, use a resistant lipstick. After application, DAB it with a napkin, and then secure color brilliance.
Zabivaite eyelashes with forceps once the mascara is completely dry. If you want your lashes seem longer, first apply mascara on the tips, and then paint mascara on the eyelashes throughout the length. In this first procrasinate lower lashes, then top.
Touch up light shadows under the eyebrows, then they will appear more curved, and his eyes were more expressive. To eyebrows well-groomed look, before a date or a party gently comb, and secure with transparent mascara or fixing gel.
Use concealer darker than your skin, if you want to adjust the shape of the nose. To do this, apply a darker Foundation on the nose to make you look thinner and more graceful. To visually make the nose shorter, apply a little Foundation on the end of it.
Highlight the face with blush, applying them to the cheekbones. For this purpose, the space under the top cheeks blush a dark shade, and above the cheekbones – blush a light shade. Due to this contrast, cheekbones slightly protrude, visually lengthen the face.