Install a program on your computer for video conversion. When choosing, consider your needs in working with video. For example, if you are professionally shooting and producing digital video in large volumes, then its conversion is better to use a paid software solution. If you reduce the video you require from time to time, for these purposes, download our free app. One such program is Any Video Converter. To download click on the link After installing the program, run it and proceed to the reducing video.
Select the video file that you want to reduce. To do this, click "Add video" button in the dialog box file Manager, specify the path to the video. When the download finishes, the program window will display brief information about the file (title, duration, format and number of frames per second).
Select downloaded videos with a mouse click, and then select the option end of the file, held the procedure of conversion. In the right part of the main program window select the desired picture size, video bitrate and number of frames per second. In addition, set the same options for the audio track of the media file. To reduce the video, these values should be smaller than the original file. If you want to leave them without changes, then select another codec from the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the program. The list contains the video codecs, optimized for viewing on mobile phone screen, the Internet, and on home players. Setting options and selecting the codec figure out the expected format of the target file, be sure that it will be smaller than the original, and start the conversion procedure.
Select the destination folder to which to save the reduced video, and then click "Encode". After some time in the selected folder will be smaller. Depending on the selected codec and options new video may be visually less and less quality, or is practically not different from the original file.