Kaspersky Anti Virus, Kaspersky Crystal, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Open Space Security and other Lab products Kaspersky have many revisions (versions). Born as a paid developed product for private and corporate PC users in 1997, the antivirus program is updated several times a year, and its database almost every day.This leads to the fact that the numbering of the version antivirus virus has a complex structure, for example, 11. 0.1.25 – where 11 is the version number of the antivirus, 0.1 – edition of 25 – one of the internal revisions. Change the first number usually indicates a global change, averages – small innovations, the last number – the elimination of bugs and problems in the program.
To learn the full number version you antivirus Kaspersky, hover the mouse cursor on the symbol of the virus (the letter "K" from the red and black element) in the system tray. The tray is usually located in the lower right corner of the screen is the place where displays the current time. In the pop-up window, in addition to the full version number of the program, you will find information about the product name – KAV or KIS, as well as the release date of the antivirus database, which is installed on your computer.
To do this, open the main home window of the antivirus of Kaspersky and its the bottom left, find the link "Support". Click on the link and then the "system Information" in "software Version" you will be able to find the necessary information. To close this window, click "Close" and then close the main window of antivirus Kaspersky click on the standard "x" icon at the top of the window.