Cough is not an independent disease, it only indicates the presence of a pathological process in the respiratory tract. Phlegm appears as in bacterial and viral infections. The most common cause of wet cough - acute respiratory disease, but no medical examination, we cannot exclude other, more serious problems such as pneumonia or bronchitis.
Take expectorants and mucus thinning drugs, such as "Dr. mom", "Bronchium", "Mucosolvan", "ACC". They effectively liquefy the viscous phlegm and facilitate the cleansing of the bronchi.
Take herbal preparations. These include marshmallow root (available in syrup form), decoction mother and stepmother (of 3 teaspoons of herb per Cup of boiling water).
Drink as much liquid as possible. Even plain water contributes to liquefaction and expectoration of mucus from the bronchi, however, a more effective drink is a mix of half Cup hot milk (fat content of not less than 3.2%), the same amount of mineral water, piece of butter and a teaspoon of honey.
Moisturize the air in the apartment. This not only facilitates breathing, but also reduce the frequency of attacks of coughing.
Spend inhalations with alkaline mineral water. The procedure is suitable for "Borjomi", "Narzan", "Essentuki". Pour the mineral water into a glass and mix thoroughly. When out of the water will be gas, heat it to a temperature of 40-50 degrees. Bent over the bowl of warm liquid and inhale fumes. Continue the procedure for three minutes, then lie down. After 15 minutes you see the effect of the treatment. For a while cough a little stronger, but the next day you will feel a significant improvement. Carry out the procedure every day for 2-3 times.