Certificate of quality of goods takes place in several stages. First post from the application-Declaration for certification to the certification center Rossertifikatsiya named product samples (specified by the manufacturer, General characteristics and description of the goods, article, etc.).
Wait for your application and select a convenient testing laboratory where you will make the program and sign the methodology certification, take away samples, take the sample. For some time, usually at least a month, will be testing products, analysis of its condition in different environments and so Then the results will be analysed and the head of the centre will take a decision on granting certificate of quality or suitability. In the case of a positive answer you can qualify for and the mark of conformity.
Complete your certificate and register it in the State register of the certification System GOST R. After making entries in the database and assign a number to the applicant will be issued a certificate of compliance for the manufacturing of the certified product or quality system.
The last item is the inspection control over the stability of certified characteristics (parameters) of products, certified production, a certified quality system (if it is stipulated by the certification scheme of products). This procedure involves regular study of the certified goods and services by employees of the Supervisory authority.