Please note on the keyboard of this model. In the progressive keyboards keys weight decreases from left to right, that is, the high notes will be the little weight. It's kind of a nod to the classical piano from developers, because there are also bass heavier hammer, and to extract the low sound requires more effort. However, if you are used to the usual keys, keep in mind that digital piano keyboard more sensitive.
The most important part of the electronic instrument is a sound generator that creates a sound when you press keys or buttons. At the moment, polyphony 128 sounds – this is the norm.
The number of tones that can create a sound generator is the number of instruments whose sounds can simulate an electronic piano. Usually it incorporates the sounds of the piano, organ, choir, violin, harpsichord and various combinations of these tools with each other.
Additional effects. These effects give the sound a different sound in different environments. Easier to say, you can adjust the sound in a large hall in a small room and so on. This effect is called reversely. May be another effect. This is the CHORUS. It doubles the sound of one instrument, with the result that it sounds brighter. In an electronic piano with a metronome. He acts just like a manual, that is, its main task – to beat. Some models allow you to change the volume.
The possibility to record the played melody is very important, so a model with a built-in recorder is preferable. After recording and after listening, you will be able to understand where you make mistakes. Most electronic pianos have up to 3 tracks, but some models are equipped with 99 tracks.
The more powerful the built-in acoustics – the better, however a very powerful technique and is not cheap. The more expensive models of acoustics and inserted in the upper and in the lower and in the front panel. Cheap acoustics are usually only on the top.
Notice and an opportunity to connect to the piano various devices. There should be holes for a minimum of two headphones (both the teacher and the pupil could without disturbing anyone engage in), MIDI IN/OUT allow to connect two pianos. The USB connectors allow you to connect an electronic piano to the computer and to the piano to plug in the flash drive.