You will need
  • - Criminal code of the Russian Federation with comments.
  • - handle
  • paper.
To learn to solve tasks on criminal lawin the first place, pick up needed for work literature. You will need the criminal code of the Russian Federation and comments to it. You can also use the automated legal system "guarantor" or "Consultant Plus".
In the solution of any tasks on the legal course should be given full legal analysis, and draw appropriate conclusions. Make a plan for the answer to this question. In General, the parsing algorithm, tasks in the criminal law should include:- definition of articles of the Criminal code, which covers criminal acts;
- determination of the object of the offense;
- identifying the objective and subjective sides of the offense;
- the disclosure of the subject of the offense;
- drawing up conclusions by results of a legal analysis of the conditions of the problem.
To find an article of the Criminal code, it is necessary to refer to the special part. Look closely the content, select the appropriate name and open the text of the article to verify the correctness of the choice.
Select the object of crime. These include the public order and security of the person, his rights and freedoms, property, etc. chapters in the special part of the code are divided on this principle.
Next, you need to allocate objective and subjective side of the crime. Objective manifestations include external, available for observation on the part of manifestation (the act or omission, the consequences, the causal link between crime and consequences, method, place, time and means and instrumentalities of offenses, the situation), subjective – internal (guilt, motive and purpose, emotional state).
Describe the subject of the crime. The features of the subject include gender, age, sanity, etc.
Draw conclusions about the guilt or innocence of the person specify what kind of responsibility should be the subject of the crime.