The task of this discipline are not as complex as the task of civil and criminal law. This is connected primarily with the fact that in Roman law is mainly used two documents-the law. However, the student will be able to analyze more complex codes based on the analysis of laws Roman law. Therefore, to solve tasks necessary laws 12 tables and Justinian Code".
Proceed to the reading task. As you can see, the task of Roman law is a kind of situation which is quite common for ancient Rome. Usually this kind of household situation. Also pay attention to the age of Rome, if there is a footnote in the task. It is possible to apply the "Code of Justinian" before his appearance ridiculous. Also remember that the code covers virtually all areas of the Roman and most succinctly sets out the law. In the laws of the 12 tables is much harder to find the required rate. Besides, they have historical gaps.
Get the picture required for solution. Please carefully evaluate the law and its subject matter. Finding out what kind of law is of case (civil, family, criminal) proceed to search for norms in the laws. To find such a norm is not always easy because writing laws of ancient Rome different from modern laws. So how can you carefully read and understand the essence of the norm. "Code of Justinian" has precedence over the laws of the 12 tables" as broken by branches of law.
Use the rule found in the laws of your task. Remember that when solving problems sometimes it is necessary to evaluate several aspects. For example, the punishment for the crime can be different depending on the status of Roman. A slave and a free man will be judged differently. Also keep in mind all the circumstances of the case, such as committing a crime because of the blood feud. Folding all the circumstances of the case, and studying the laws of Roman law, you can easily solve the problem.