Advice 1: How to dress if there is no waist

Partial or complete absence of waist – the problem is not only full of women. Even slender girls waist can be expressed not too obviously. This type of figure is usually called male. Among the famous women "rectangular" figure, jodie foster, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Mila Jovovich, Penelope Cruz. However, they all look very feminine. The main thing – correctly to pick up clothes.
How to dress if there is no waist
To hide the lack of waist, pick a garment that will help to simulate the figure "hourglass" or the letter "X". For this fit a fitted jackets and coats, extending from top to bottom, whose length to mid-thigh. That the top part didn't seem too sloping and rounded, use the miscellaneous hangers (pick the right size, the shoulders of the player in American football you absolutely nowhere).
Help to hide the lack of waist blouses and dresses with inflated (under the Breasts) or low waist. Another great option is a tunic. Such clothing does not allow to clearly define where your waist is, and what a volume. Pick a outfit in line with its growth, do not forget that improper clothing length also can disrupt the body proportions.
Clothing straight cut – t-shirts, shirts, jackets is another option, allowing you to disguise the lack of waist. Wear blouses and shirts outside do not refill them. Choose to dress straight cut accessories, to detract attention from the midsection. Stylish jewelry and good shoes will help to focus the mind on them.
Pick contrasting combinations for the top and bottom – they visually differentiate the body into two parts, creating the illusion of a waist. Avoid overly tight things, unless you wear a jacket on top, masking the lack of waist, or try to adjust the figure using modeling corset.
Wear flared pants and skirts – they make hips visually wider. Fit skirt with flounced, pleated skirt, and skirts the sun. Another option – tight pants or jeans, narrowed in the region of the ankles. Due to this cut the lower part of the legs becomes visually already, and thighs look fuller and more voluminous.
Feminine variations of men's suits also for you. Pick up a stylish pants suit straight cut, diluting it with subtle feminine accessories. Can choose pants with a slightly low waist, but then the top needs to be free (not too wide and certainly not skinny). Don't wear clothes with bright accents on the waist – pleats, ruffles, patterns, drawing attention to this part of the body.

Advice 2 : What is underestimated and overestimated waistline

The waistline is at the narrowest part of the human figure. This is one of the main lines, which are used for the construction of the pattern. Sometimes it is transferred up or down, and then it turns out clothing with high or low waist.
What is underestimated and overestimated waistline
Basic dress pattern is constructed in such a manner that the waist line was where it should be, that is consistent with the most narrow circumference of the figure. It bisects the undercut shelves and back. If such a pattern to sew a dress, they get slim. This option is not for everyone.

The drop-waist dress

For those who have heavily favored the stomach will look better cutting dress with low waist. To make the pattern, trace the pattern on a separate sheet. The undercut at the waist, not tracing. From the waist line back down to 5-7 cm and a parallel to her line. This will be the drop waist. It may coincide with the line of the hips or even be below. The skirt can be in the form of wide ruffles, pleated or pleated.

Skirt and pants with low waist

Skirt or pants with low waist hold is actually on the thighs. That is, here, as in the history of dress, the waist is below the natural and coincides with the line of the hips. In the manufacture of products of this kind it is important to calculate this measure, otherwise the product will fall. The pattern in this case, just shortened at the top.

Dress with high waist

Dress with high waist – it's actually the dress at the yoke. Usually the top is for the basic pattern, and hem is a flag to the Assembly. Put the main pattern on a separate sheet. Aside from the waist line up the desired number of inches and slide parallel to her line. It will be between waist and chest or even the chest.

Pants and skirts with high waist

Pants with skirts with high waist are of two types. In some the upper part is simply a very wide belt, sometimes reaching to the armpits. In other cases, the zone of normal width, but sits above the natural waist line. In the simulation, it is important to measure the length of the belt. Such styles are often used in different types of hook-closure, buckles short zipper, etc.

Anyone that fits

Fitted clothing looks good on proportionally stacked people, with a well defined waist. The young owner of slender figures can afford any clothes, including skirts on the hips. With high or low waist can hide some figure flaws. For example, for those who have short legs, will fit pants with a high waist. This style will visually lengthen the lower part of the figure. Too to owners of lush thighs fit dress with a drop waist.
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