You will need
  • программа Recovery Toolbox for Power Point
In the restoration of the presentations application will help you Recovery Toolbox for Power Point. To work with this tool does not require any experience in restoring damaged files. If the presentation files contain many different types of media files, the recovery process will take some time. The duration of each step will depend on CPU speed and file size.
Install the program. Now select the damaged file that needs recovery. In the field, located in the center of the screen, enter his name. By clicking on the Next button proceed to the next step.
Now running stage of the analysis of the damaged file and retrieve media files. The presentation structure Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint will scan automatically. At the completion of this phase, the program will provide information about the recovery process.
It is necessary that at the time of recovery of the presentation on your computer has installed the Microsoft Power Point program, since the recovered fragments to edit and save the recovery utility is sending.
Graphics PowerPoint 2007-2010 will be inserted in the restored presentation as bitmaps. However, you can use Microsoft Excel. The program will insert the data into a new workbook that will open itself, and then you will be able to translate them directly into PowerPoint.
To send the recovered data to PowerPoint, click on the Transmit button. Program, treating each slide, open the presentation in PowerPoint and charts in Excel. Then Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint will open the folder with restored images and media files. Edit the presentation and save it, giving it a new name. To terminate the operation, press the Exit button.