Please note that to apply the wax should be on clean hair. So before you use it wash your head.
Use wax if you have curly hair. It can be used to make docile beautiful curls every day. Apply it on your hair with the hands without using a comb.
Take your fingers a small amount of wax and RUB your palms. While it is slightly warm from the heat of your hands. After that, spread it along the length of the strands. You can straighten the hair and Vice versa, spun into a tight ring. During use, the wax dries the treated strands of hair dryer. After hair treatment to wind them in curlers and dried.
Fix hard wax hair, if you have a dry hair type. It contain fatty substances which give Shine to dry hair. Use them and in those cases, if you need to divide the hair, to highlight the clear lines in the hair, curls, curled strands. It can be used to add Shine, brilliant Shine or matte effect. Solid waxes prevent moisture in the hair, so long it can persist.
Put hair spray with liquid wax if you have fine hair, it will add volume and fluffiness to the hair. Spray spray at a distance of 20 cm in the Evening it is not necessary to wash off, pretty hair comb.
Use liquid wax if you have very curly hair. After applying the gel, they become soft, and become obedient.
Use a matte of wax, if you want to create extreme hairstyle with hair sticking out effect on the hair of medium and short length.
To create a hairstyle with the effect of "wet hair" you can use glossy waxes. Apply the wax along the entire length of the strands and with a comb with rare teeth make the desired styling.